Sponsorship and Underwriting Opportunities

The 3rd annual Israel Today Community Symposium will be hosted by Temple Shalom on Sunday, August 12, 2018 from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Like our prior Symposiums in 2016 and 2017, the Israel Today Community Symposium is dedicated to enlightening the Jewish and non-Jewish communities about the modern State of Israel, through keynote speakers, as well as multiple breakout sessions offering numerous topics from which attendees select their preferred topics to fill their morning and afternoon breakout sessions.

In addition to our keynote speakers, the breakout sessions are presented in the format of lectures and panel discussions by experts from Israel and from venues throughout the United States, and this year from Canada.

Community Wide Participation
The program this year is presented by the Symposium’s Community Partners, currently including AIPAC, AJC, Bnai Zion, DATA, Hadassah, Hillel, Development Corporation for Israel/ Israel Bonds, JCC Dallas, JCRC, Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, Stand with Us, Southwest Jewish Congress, Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce, and Congregations Adat Chaverim, Anshai Torah, Beth Torah, Nishmat Am, Shearith Israel, Temple Emanu-El, Temple Shalom, and Tiferet Israel.

The total registration fee for individuals to attend and participate in this day-long symposium is $18 per person (which includes lunch and mid-day snacks and beverages.) We intentionally set this fee at a nominal level to enable everyone to come – and learn – without concern for cost.

Therefore, we will be looking to the graciousness and generosity of individuals and businesses in this community to obtain the required funding for this community event by way of tax deductible sponsorship donations.  All revenues that are generated will be used to support this 2018 Israel Symposium, as well as future annual Israel Today Community Symposiums.  Will you please participate at one of the tax-deductible levels listed as follows:


$100 – $499 Masada Level (includes donor recognition and one entry ticket)
$500 – $999 Sea of Galilee Level (includes donor recognition and two entry tickets)
$1000 – $2499 Western Wall Level (includes speaker sponsorship listing and three entry tickets)
$2500 – $3999 Dead Sea Level (includes speaker sponsorship listing and six entry tickets)
$4000+ Jerusalem Level (includes speaker sponsorship listing and twelve entry tickets)

Speaker Underwriting Opportunities
We are also offering sponsors the opportunity to underwrite a guest speaker in accordance with the following schedule:

$4000 + – Jerusalem Level (includes sponsorship listing and twelve entry tickets)

  • Colonel (ret.) Eran Lerman: Key-Note Speaker
  • Dr. Tal Becker: The Changing Place of Israel in American Jewish Identity
  • Neil Lazarus: Understanding divisions within Israeli Society & Crisis in Israel- threats from Iran to chaos in Gaza
  • Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger: The Myth of Projected Jewish-Arab Demographics & The Mutually-Beneficial US-Israel relations (What’s in it for the US?)
  • Technion presents: “SURGICAL THEATER: From Fighter Pilots to Surgeons; Using Virtual Reality to Perfect the Critical Mission”
  • Jerusalem College of Technology: Torah to Technology – The Role of Jerusalem College of Technology & Getting Under-represented Populations to Fully Participate in the Start-up Nation
  • NGO Monitor: Exposing Hidden Sources of Funding of BDS Activity & Combatting Assault on Israel By International Organizations
  • IsraAid: Israel’s Aid to Stricken Communities
  • Gidon Ariel: An Orthodox Jew and Evangelical Christians – How Israel has brought us Together & The Settlements and Israeli Politics

$2500 + – Dead Sea Level (includes sponsorship listing and six entry tickets)

  • Lillian Pinkus: The Criticality of Bi-Partisanship to the U.S./Israel Relationship
  • Raphael Danziger: Founding of the Modern State of Israel & History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • Toba Hellerstein: U.S./Israel Cooperation in Cyber-Security
  • Charles Perkins: Development of Israel Missile Defense Systems
  • Ryan Bellerose: Why the Jewish People are Indigenous to the Land of Israel
  • Jacob Millner: Effect of the Media and Social Media on Israel
  • Fred Maroun: How Non–Jewish Allies of Israel can effectively support and advocate for the State of Israel
  • Andrew Pessin: State of the Campus on anti-Israel and anti-Semitic activities

$1000 + – Western Wall Level (includes sponsorship listing and three entry tickets)

  • Rabbi Ariel Boxman: The Portrayal of Minorities (Arabs, Ethiopians and the Orthodox) in Israeli Film
  • Robert Epstein: History of Development of the IDF
  • Eric Fox: U.S. Role in Maintaining Israel’s Air Superiority in the Middle East
  • Robert Dean: Why Israel is Important to the Christian Community & The Interconnection and Interdependence of Christian and Jewish Zionism
  • Asher Saida: Israel’s Political System and Its Effects on Israeli Society?
  • Jesse Stock: The History of the Peace Process and Why No Peace?

All sponsorships will be displayed at the Symposium unless requested otherwise. All tax-deductible sponsorship donations by check should be payable to Temple Shalom, with the designation “Israel Today Symposium”, and mailed to 6930 Alpha Road; Dallas, Texas 75240. If you would prefer to pay for your tax-deductible sponsorship online, please click the button below and enter your sponsorship amount in the field on the next page.

Questions? Contact israeltodaydallas@gmail.com or call 214-403-1087.

All tax-deductible donations are through Temple Shalom, a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization.