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3rd Annual Israel Today Community Symposium

The 3rd Annual Symposium will take place on Sunday, August 12, 2018 at Temple Shalom.


Founding of the Modern State of Israel (Zionist Activity to United Nations)
History of the Peace Process and Why Still no Peace
History and Future of U.S./Israel Relations
History of World Perception of Israel
Role of Media, including Social Media, in Attitudes Toward Israel
Development of IDF Forces in Defending Israel
History of Christian Opposition and Support of State of Israel
History of Growth of Varied Educational Institutions in Israel
Cultural Conflicts Due to Diverse Immigration in Israel
Combating BDS and Anti-Israel Activity on Campuses – panel discussion
Attitudes of Different Generations (Including Millennials) Toward Israel – panel discussion
Friction in Diaspora Communities Due to Israel /Palestinian Conflict – panel discussion
Combatting Assault on Israel in International Organizations
Investment and Business Opportunities in Israel
Future of Middle East Relations
African-American and Latino Attitudes toward Israel – panel discussion
Maintenance of Israel Air Superiority in Middle East with F-35 Fighter
Israel Contributions to the World
Israel’s Technological Contributions to the World
Israel’s Aid to Stricken Countries in times of Disaster and Armed Conflict
Israel’s Role in Cyber-Security Protection
Israeli Food and Wine Tasting

2017 Symposium

Temple Shalom hosted the 2nd annual Israel Today Community Symposium on August 6, 2017. More than 500 attendees from both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities learned from the Symposium’s keynote speakers the vital importance of the U.S/Israel relationship. Breakout sessions and panel discussions addressed a wide variety of topics ranging from the history of the Israeli Palestinian conflict, to Israeli politics, to combatting anti-Israel activities on college campuses. Attendees of the day-long event were rewarded with a rich update of the critical issues facing the State of Israel in a very troubled time in an unstable part of the world.

2017 Keynote Speakers

Andrew Paley
Andrew Paley
Senior Rabbi of Temple Shalom.

Boaz Golany
Boaz Golany
Vice President of Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Expert on the Miracle Growth of Israeli Technology.

Deedee Coleman
Reverend Dr. Deedee M. Coleman
Leader of Russell St. Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit. Staunch supporter of Jewish/African American relations and of the US/Israel relationship.

Charles Pulman
Charles Pulman
Dallas Attorney, pro-Israel activist and founder of non-profit Why Israel Matters.

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A Community Wide Event

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We are looking to the graciousness and generosity of individuals and businesses in this community to obtain the required funding for this community event by way of tax deductible sponsorship donations. All revenues that are generated will be used to support the Israel Symposium. Click here to learn more about Sponsoring the Israel Today Community Symposium >>

The 2018 Israel Today Community Symposium is a project of the following Dallas-area pro-Israel Community Partners:

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